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Cale Waddacor
Artist. Author. Creative. Curator. Designer. Editor. Musician. Photographer. Writer.

I am a multi-faceted creative with a passion for urban arts and a drive to get shit done.

Cale Waddacor (b. 1987) is a creative from South Africa, now living in the UK.

With a degree in motion picture, Cale has a keen interest in film and the visual arts, working in a broad range of media. As a full-time audio engineer in the television industry in Johannesburg, he specialised in final mix, sound design and voice-over recording.

Through an array of hobbies and interests, especially within the arts - from music, photography and cinematography, to street art, graffiti, urban exploration, travel, writing and editing - Cale is always finding the time to express himself.

In 2011, he launched the Graffiti South Africa website to document urban street art in Africa. A book of the same name was published in late 2014 by Schiffer Books in the USA, with a new book, Street Art Africa, published by Thames & Hudson, following at the end of 2020.

Cale enjoys exhibiting his photographic work and passionately shares his knowledge of graffiti and street art whenever possible. He has experience with producing mural commissions, hosting art workshops, talks and tours, as well as publishing independent zines.

If you are interested in collaborating please use the Contact page.

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